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Introducing impartial, evidence-based financial control to PPI spend.


What's Kermit?

Kermit is an analytics platform that delivers insight to the fragmented spend category of physician preference items

Kermit equips supply chain managers, surgeons and executives with real-time data on implantable medical device transactions, offering unprecedented visibility that’s saving hospitals millions of dollars.

The Problem

Lack of visibility makes PPI spend hard to manage

the problem

For surgeons

Most surgeons don’t know what implantable medical devices cost or what the hospital is being charged. They have no way to help manage spend.

For supply chain managers

Ensuring fair and accurate billing with so many cases, contracts and devices is nearly impossible for supply chain managers.

For financial and quality executives

Confounded by poor data, executives have limited ability to address PPI-related inefficiencies, struggling to ensure profitability in the ever-changing reimbursement environment.

Kermit aligns value and spend management initiatives, solving all of these issues with one simple tool.

The Solution

Let collaboration lead the change

the solution

For surgeons

Kermit allows for easy tracking of PPI spend by doctor, department and device, giving surgeons the insight they need to help manage spend and share best practices.

For supply chain managers

Real-time analytics from Kermit give the supply chain team the precise information they need to audit, negotiate and maximize savings.

For financial and quality executives

Clean integrated analytics pinpoint an easy place to take back financial control of PPI and build partnerships with clinicians. Kermit produces clean data that can also be transmitted to platforms that support the transition to ICD-10 and adding to joint registries like AJRR.

"Kermit’s in-depth knowledge of capitated construct billing gives me the tools and support to prevent and detect overbilling from reps. They most recently helped catch 6 discrepant invoices from one vendor."

a Kermit User Perioperative Services Business Manager a Maryland Health System

"Kermit has been very helpful in identifying non-contract items being used. With this data, we have been able to identify items needed for contract addenda, potentially reducing our long-term costs of previously non-contracted items"

a Kermit User OR Implant Coordinator a Maryland Level-1 Trauma Center

"The real-time data and analytic capabilities of Kermit are a game changer for the management of the PPI spend category."

Bob Reilly CFO Luminis Health

How Kermit Works

Making real change with real-time collaboration

Kermit unites stakeholders with an analytics solution that’s easily accessible for all.

Data capture at the point of use

Kermit collects and stores billing info on our secure online platform, so that vital details aren’t lost in the shuffle. Automatically submit surgical case data securely to joint registries like AJRR and FORCE.

Cloud-based platform

Kermit creates a paperless environment by digitizing the information on vendor bill sheets. This improves efficiency and accuracy, requires no IT integration and gives your team immediate access from any device.

Instant compliance audit

Kermit runs real-time contract compliance and price audits to ensure vendor agreements are being followed properly and your hospital is paying the right amount every time.


Analytics rapidly identify trends and root issues, unlocking actionable savings opportunities that bring immediate ROI.

Saves money, time & physician's preference

Kermit makes PPI spend management highly efficient, enabling supply chain personnel to focus on other problem areas, without compromising clinical choices.

With one simple tool, Kermit puts control of PPI spend back in the hospital's hands

  • Cloud-based, so the whole team can access
  • Easy to implement
  • Real-time data & analytics
See Kermit Work
See Kermit Work

About Us

The brains behind Kermit

The Kermit team draws on three diverse but crucially related areas of expertise required to manage PPI spend successfully. The winning combination includes clinical experience, device expertise and supply chain management insight, all organized around common goals: value and accountability. Kermit’s intuitive software platform is designed to integrate these areas of expertise, creating unprecedented insight into the darkest corner of spend management and returning financial control to hospitals.

Meet the team

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